Apental Calc v2.52 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

Name Apental Calc
Size 3.9MB
Version v2.52
Developer apental.com
Require System All Android OS
Category Apps / Social
Price free

Apental Calc (ApentalCalc) Description:

We are living in the age where social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp are the parts of our lives. Living in this global village gives us so many benefits one corn of living in this global village is the feeling of superiority. Once you logged into your Facebook account and found that your friend is rubbing shoulder with so many likes, shares, and comments on his/her update. On the other hand, you did not manage your account so well. Do not know how to tag someone, having no information how properly status can be updated. So, the result is simple you will definitely not reach the status your friend, less educated than you less flourished than you are getting.

The answer to all this curiosity we found, so this is our humble duty to share the software with our global friends and daily visitors. Who just browsed through our site to find something new and interesting. The name of the Android application is Apental Calc (ApentalCalc). This is the interesting application you can just download by clicking the link given above post.

How to Use Apental Calc?

The use of the software Apental Calc is as easy as to make an amulet. Just download the software, install on your Android device. While installing this software you have to give full permission to the application, not only installing this software. But also every application you installed you give permission. Mean to say you have to follow the protocols, do not be worry about stealing or hacking of your device. One more very important thing I need to mention here is that. Before getting any like on your photos, mean to say before using this application, you just need to go to your setting of Facebook ID and make post privacy to public. If you did not do this you will not get any use of this application.

So, before installing you have to do this setup. When you installed the Apental Calc (Facebook Auto Liker) app and you need to use. Just click on your home screen and open this Apental Calc Liker. This will take you to the profile you logged in. This application will ask you about your photo on which you want to get likes. After opening the photo click on “Want to Like This” button you will start to get instant likes from real Facebook users. So, one thing I want to mention here is that. This is not like cheating because many people surely in your friend list also would be using this application just to boost their social status on Facebook.

So, when you will start getting likes, you will definitely come to know the value of this application. But one thing you cannot do with this application, you couldn’t target the audience from where you can get likes. So, if one of your friends has been using this application and once he hovers over your like button. He will get the people who have liked your status. So, Apental Calc is the best Facebook auto liker application to get numerous likes.

Why Apental Calc not working or not getting likes?

Please note that, if you are facing a problem during the process of getting likes like “Privacy Problem here”. Then you must refer to, unlike your post or photo which you have previously liked. If you have made up your mind and want to download this new Apental Calc 2018 application, give us a favor please download this application from our website. One more thing if you find any download link is not working, or any other query regarding installing or anything please let us know by commenting on the comment area section or contact. This will boost our confidence and we will work on such application vividly.